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Kevin helped me rescind the deal…

In December 2021, I purchased a car based on the impression that it contained a specific feature. I later found that the feature was incompatible with my car and I had purchased the car based on a lie. Kevin helped me rescind the deal.

I thought an entire refund would be out of reach, considering that the feature was quite minute and I had owned the car for a month already. However, Kevin was able to get every penny that I had spent on that car back to me, all within two days!

I was so worried that I would be stuck with a car that I didn’t want, but Kevin made sure that this wasn’t the case. Kevin is such a pleasure to work with and will always deliver his best!

Thank you, Kevin!

Fountain Valley, CA

Kevin was attentive…

Kevin was very attentive, concerned and sympathetic to my elderly mother’s issue with a major retailer. Although there was a slim chance of resolving the issue, he came up with a work-around and it resulted in a resolution in her favor!!! We highly recommend him and would definitely turn to him for any future legal needs.

— E.O. & F.S.

Mr. Hizon got me a very fair settlement…

I was involved in an automobile accident on April 22, 2019. The driver (of the other vehicle) had an active bench warrant and was driving a borrowed uninsured car and fled the scene. My vehicle was totaled, but fortunately, I received minimal injuries and was able to get a picture of the driver before he bailed. This picture enabled police to arrest the driver about an hour later at a nearby shopping center.

Insurance was quick to send me a check for my car but was giving me the runaround concerning my injuries. That’s when I hired Mr. Hizon.

There are three attributes you should know about Mr. Hizon. He is intelligent, relentless, and has a great understanding of the law. I feel I received a very fair settlement with my insurance company because of Mr. Hizon’s hard work and dedication to my case.

Hemet, CA

Kevin was persistent…

In August 2018, we were involved in a very serious traffic collision, while visiting family in Susanville, CA.

Since there were several people and insurance companies involved, we decided we might need some legal assistance. At the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Kevin Hizon.

There were numerous complications in finalizing the case. There were estate issues, numerous claims with several insurance companies and attorneys.

Kevin was persistent and continued to pursue the various insurance companies and their legal teams.

If Kevin had not continued his proactive work to pull it all together, we would have been forced into suing all involved and traveling to Susanville for the trial.

Thanks to Kevin’s dedicated work we were able wrap up this somewhat complicated case in time. We are very thankful for his hard work, legal knowledge, and time commitment to assisting us to continue healing from this traumatic experience.

— R.M. & C.M.

Mr. Hizon gets the job done!

I wish that no one has to go through a car accident, there is so much aftermath you need to take care of. Mr. Hizon helped figure out my next steps and worked it all out efficiently and honestly. I would highly recommended Mr. Hizon to get the job done!

— J.L.

Kevin to the rescue…

Kevin Hizon is not only our tireless attorney, he is our neighbor and friend.  My wife lost her beloved dog to a vicious attack by two unattended pit bulls.  She had few physical injuries but was, of course, devastated by witnessing our dog being torn to pieces. The little guy endured four hours of surgery but finally we had to put him down. After over $4000 in vet bills.  We had no idea how to deal with those thoughtless neighbors who let their dogs loose. Kevin to the rescue.
He waded through all their excuses about being penniless and having scant income. Finally and patiently Kevin got them to agree to a settlement plan what will cover our vet’s charges. And Kevin’s small percentage of their promised payments. He has worked countless hours on our case without any remuneration or complaint. We are more than satisfied with the job he has done for us. And, to repeat, he is far more than our than our attorney.  He is our friend.

— T.S.

The best attorney I’ve ever worked with…

Kevin Hizon is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He is very professional.


I have worked with Mr. Hizon in both professional and personal matters and was satisfied with the outcome and his efforts. He responds in a timely manner and provides for his clients’ needs.


He will make extensive efforts to provide for you and walk you through any legal process. I highly recommend Kevin Hizon for all your legal needs: business or personal. 

— Z.J.

Professional and Effective

Kevin is a professional and effective lawyer.  He is thoughtful, sincere, trustworthy and very personable.  He helped us receive all of the money we were owed (and then some) after desperately trying to do so ourselves for several years prior.


Kevin worked diligently and quickly to help us. We  highly recommend Kevin and would definitely work with him for any legal matters in the near future if needed.

— Al & Mildred

Kevin exceeded our expectations

Kevin was an answer to prayers for our church. For years, we had attempted to secure a clean title pertaining to our property but encountered several obstacles that prevented us from fulfilling this quest.


We needed someone who had the legal expertise and skill to locate old deeds from the county, read thru “ancient” documents from our church’s founding members, and finally, to record the necessary paperwork to finalize the very clean title we had been seeking.


Kevin exceeded our expectations at a very reasonable rate, giving us a new peace of mind. I highly recommend his services to meet your legal needs.

— K.P, Lead Pastor

Professional, Reliable, Results

Mr. Kevin Hizon was very helpful, professional, and reliable with my case. He has handled multiple legal cases with me and my family, and he will be my go-to for any future legal cases. I can depend on him to get the best possible results for me and my family.

— V.D.

Kevin was great!

Kevin was great. He took care of all the legal issues for my parents’ car accident. So naturally, when I got into a car accident, I handed my case over to him. He was able to deal with the insurance companies on my behalf while I concentrated on recovering from my injuries. Kevin was very efficient on updating me on everything that was happening and answered any questions that I had. Thanks for the help, Kevin!

— Jessica D.

Very Helpful – Always Available

Mr. Kevin Hizon was very helpful and polite in advising my case. He was always available to help me when I was in need of assistance. He would check up on the status of the case as well. He made sure I was always aware of my options depending on how the case proceeded. Overall, my experience was superb with Mr. Kevin Hizon and I am pleased at the results of my case. I would definitely come back to him if I was in need of a legal counselor.

— S.N


Kevin is very professional and knows the law. He took care of the legal issues so I could recover from my accident. I have recommended him to my friends and they also were very satisfied with his service. I trust him with my life.

— John M.

My go to for all things “legal”

Mr. Hizon has been my go to for all things “legal.”  I even called him before anyone else after my car accident.

He is reliable, honest, and worthy of referring.

— V. Choi

Highly Recommended

I’ve worked with Kevin Hizon personally and professionally for over 25 years! He has represented me in three large legal cases, and I was very happy with his services. He has very high ethical standards, and professional knowledge, and treats everyone with a lot of respect. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that needs them.

— Ed M., Financial Advisor

Very Impressed

I had an unfortunate car accident that involved a pedestrian. While I have very good insurance, I wanted to be sure that I was properly prepared for whatever was about to unfold.


I knew Kevin both personally and in some regards professionally while dealing with him on some mutual clients, but I never dealt with him in a client/attorney relationship.


I was very impressed with Kevin’s knowledge and experience. His insight and proactive planning provided me with the direction I needed. His ability to provide direction, while not sugar coating, kept me balanced at a very unsettling time.  Kevin’s care and personal service was the icing on the cake. It is my pleasure to recommend Kevin Hizon.

— Alex A., CPA


My experience with Mr. Hizon was outstanding. I needed his assistance with a few legal matters and I found him to be professional, caring and very knowledgeable. I was so happy with his services I referred him to my adult children when they needed legal advice. I will be needing his services again in the future and I am confident that he will continue to provide me with professional and caring advice. I cannot recommend him with any higher praise than my referral to my own children.

Was in Great Hands!

I was hit by a car on a motorcycle. The car illegally crossed 3 solid lines from the car pool lane. The driver was alone in the car pool lane. The police gave me a ticket at the hospital and did not cite the driver because bias against motorcycles. My healthcare did not want to help me.


Mr. Hizon took care of my case from beginning to end. The motorcycle was a complete loss. I had hospital bills. I had Physical Therapy bills. I had ambulance bills. My health insurance did not cover me. It was stressful. I ended up with bruises all over and a broken vertebrae.


Mr. Hizon took care of everything. He helped me like no other could help me. He pushed both insurance companies to pay. He negotiated lesser bills with the hospital and therapy. He made sure I got the proper care. He made sure my motorcycle was replaced without me having to pay for the deductible. Mr. Hizon won the insurance settlement for me to the maximum value and I never saw a day of court.


Prior to the accident I was practicing martial arts and worried with the back injury if I could ever do it again. I am back into martial arts and because I got the right care thanks to Mr. Hizon, I have regained my physical health.


Nobody ever wants to be in an accident situation it’s pretty scary when it happens but even scarier is the aftermath and bills that keep coming. Hospital and Ambulance companies don’t care. They want their money. Mr. Hizon protected me from all this aftermath and restored everything I lost and got more than I expected.


I am extremely grateful to Mr. Hizon. He is honest. He tells you like it is. He understands the system. He understands perfectly what to do and when. It was the best decision in my life to go with Mr. Hizon. I doubt anyone else would have done what he did for me. Thank you!!!! and May God Bless you!


Attorney Hizon really impressed me in my matter. It started in April and completed in November 2013. He was diligent, complete, professional, and had my best interest in mind. There were no surprises. I found out at a different time that he is devoted to his profession and his community. I hope the best for Mr. Hizon. I am confident that no other attorney could have been better! Thank you!


Kevin is an outstanding lawyer.

He has been extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, effective and practical in the legal advice he has given to me.

I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an experienced attorney.

Attorney Endorsed

Kevin goes above and beyond for his clients. He not only zealously advocates on behalf of others but is also a great mentor. I endorse this lawyer.

— T.D. Personal injury attorney

Attorney Endorsed

I have known and worked with Kevin on several matters over the last 15 years and I can confidently endorse him.

— B.S., Estate planning Attorney

A Life Saver!

What A Life Saver! Kevin Hizon not only understood my needs but took quick, professional action!  Kevin’s background in litigation and special customer needs puts him in top standing and adds a breath of fresh air to his profession. I could not be more pleased or impressed!!

— J.A., Retired Executive

Outstanding and Highly Recommended

My wife had an unfortunate car accident that involved a motorcycle with 2 riders. While we have very good insurance, we wanted to be sure that my wife was properly prepared for whatever was about to unfold, and to prove the fact that she followed traffic law in this particular case.


A friend of my wife recommended Kevin with the past knowledge when Kevin successfully helped the friend’s daughter defend her unfortunate car accident and successfully reversed the responsible party.


We both were extremely impressed with Kevin’s knowledge, expertise, and process handling. His insight and proactive planning provided us with the direction we are keenly needed. His ability to provide direction, while not sugar coating, kept us an optimistic view and given us a sense of balance at a very uncertain period. Kevin’s care and personal service was the icing on the cake. It is my pleasure to recommend Kevin Hizon.

— S.W., Technologist, Western Digital Corp