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Debt Collection

Debt Collection Cases

With the difficult economy, many business owners have problems collecting for goods and services they have provided. Running a business is challenging enough without having to deal with overdue and unpaid accounts. This situation can go from being a disappointment, to a problem, to a financial disaster.  Likewise, individuals have often loaned money to someone who has failed to timely repay the debt in full or not at all.

 Various Options Exist

There are several options that can be exercised when an account goes unpaid or money is owed.  Kevin J. Hizon, attorney, is familiar with these options and can recommend the best option for your particular situation, whether it is through negotiation, filing a civil lawsuit, arbitration, mediation or recommending that you pursue a Small Claims court action on your own.  Kevin Hizon can give you valuable advice in trying to collect the monies owed.

Not every debt is collectible and a cost analysis is necessary to determine whether to try to collect or to walk away from the matter.  For years, Kevin Hizon has assisted businesses and individuals in Southern California collect debts owed to them. He offers personal attention to his clients and will take the time to understand your situation and determine the most effective route for collecting monies owed.

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