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Experience counts when it comes to enforcing or defending your legal rights. Kevin J. Hizon has been practicing law and protecting his clients’ rights and interests since 1990.

Trial Experience

Kevin J. Hizon has conducted scores of trials including jury trials and bench trials. If your case goes to trial, you want an experienced trial attorney by your side.

Mediation & Arbitration

Many disputes can be settled out of court through mediation and/or arbitration. Kevin J. Hizon is skilled in the art of both mediation and arbitration and often mediates or arbitrates disputes without the added expense of going to trial. Kevin Hizon is a member of the Orange County Superior Court Civil Arbitration Panel.

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Accidents and Personal Injury

If you were involved in an accident or injured in an accident, you should seek legal counsel immediately. Time is of the essence. It is best to call Kevin before talking to any insurance company or filling out any forms or signing anything to get advice on what you should and should not do. Protect your legal rights, give us a call.

I was hit by a car on a motorcycle. Mr. Hizon took care of my case from beginning to end. Mr. Hizon took care of everything. It was the best decision in my life to go with Mr. Hizon. I doubt anyone else would have done what he did for me. Thank you!!!! and May God Bless you!

Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or any other type of vehicle accident and there were injuries, you should contact Kevin Hizon as soon as possible. In many cases, things will go smoothly with all parties and all insurance companies, but too often, if you are not represented by an attorney, your rights may be abused and you may end up with a settlement that does not fit the situation. At the very least, call Kevin Hizon and explain your accident. Kevin will assess whether it will be to your advantage to have legal counsel.

Slip & Fall Accidents

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident, make sure you immediately notify the proper authorities where the accident took place. Next, contact Kevin so he can advocate on your behalf.

Personal Injury

For dog bites, horse injuries, aircraft injuries, or any other type of accident in which you suffered injuries, you should contact Kevin Hizon so he can represent you against the other party and make sure that your legal rights are protected. Call Kevin as soon as possible following the injury so he can walk you through the steps that must be taken.


When what may have started as an amicable agreement or contract deteriorates into an argument, you need someone trained in mediation to step in and help settle the dispute. Often times, simple mediation can remedy the situation. Other times, the dispute requires a court ruling as to the merits of each party’s allocations. In either case, Kevin Hizon is trained to resolve disputes either through mediation or through the courts if necessary.

Business Disputes

Partnership agreements, business contracts, purchase agreements, and other business disputes are best handled through your attorney. Resolve your disputes with Kevin Hizon on your side to make sure you are treated fairly and within the law.

Personal Disputes

Property disputes, sales agreement disputes and many other types of personal disputes can quickly escalate. The earlier you bring in an attorney, the smoother the resolution of the dispute. Contact Kevin for more information on the best way to solve your personal dispute.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation iѕ a broad term thаt generally rеfеrѕ tо a lеgаl diѕрutе bеtwееn twо оr mоrе раrtiеѕ where money dаmаgеѕ or equitable rеmеdiеѕ аrе ѕоught. Civil litigаtiоn inсludеѕ реrѕоnаl injury mаttеrѕ, property dаmаgе claims, and liаbilitу in spite оf a wаivеr, appeals, аnd еvеn lаwѕuitѕ bеtwееn twо businesses whеn a соntrасt iѕ brеасhеd. Civil litigation аlѕо inсludеѕ аll types of арреаlѕ оf сivil lawsuits.

Collection Cases

If you have a debt owed to you and are unable to collect the money, give Kevin a call. Not every debt is collectible and a cost analysis is necessary to determine whether to try to collect or to walk away from the matter. For years, Kevin Hizon has assisted businesses and individuals in Southern California collect debts owed to them.

business disputes and mediation
Kevin Hizon has been extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, effective and practical in the legal advice he has given to me. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an experienced attorney.
Alvin D.


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